Design Studio Support

I have extensive experience working in design studio support with a number of advertising and marketing agencies, web development houses and in-house design departments. You can use my services as either an artworker, designer or lead creative depending on the role required.  I can act as studio cover for a designer who is on holiday or away sick. During busy periods, I’m often brought in to spend time in agencies to help with their workloads.

Every studio has their own way of working.  I fit in seamlessly, understanding your filing systems, artworking practices and the people within your organisation who need to be informed of ongoing projects.  It’s important that I’m able to design with an understanding of existing creative styles. I can quickly digest previous projects and assimilate myself with an in-house style or a creative approach favoured by a particular client.

Understanding your way or working

Not only is it important to provide a good creative input, it is also important to be able to mirror existing studio practices. Naming of files, project numbers, document reference numbers are all in place to make a studio function well and I quickly master any technical requirements.  Excellent time management and recording make it easy to bill the correct projects.

Experience counts

My time within agencies also makes it easy for me to identify potential issues. All agencies go about their day differently, but one thing is constant, the needs of the client. Completing a task on time is paramount so any help I can provide in making that easier is always welcome. This can be in a varsity of ways. Identifying ways of setting files up to make it quicker to process.

With my own MacBook Pro so am able to fit into a studio without the need for them to supply additional equipment.

I also have additional skills. I understand the digital world such website design and search engine optimisation. I’ve used most CMS systems and can code so will be able to work alongside digital teams.

I’m also quite happy to speak to your clients as one your creative team. This can be to help a project develop or as part of a new business pitch

I have expert knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud:

After Effects
Premier Pro
Animate (Formally Flash)

I can also work in:


Contact me about my design studio support

Get in touch to discuss how I can offer support for your design studio or be on standby when needed.  Contact me now or follow me on Twitter.